9 Myths about hepatitis C 

1. Hepatitis Vaccine is available

Till today we have only vaccines for hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Hepatitis C vaccines have not been discovered yet. Researchers are working hard to discover the hepatitis C vaccine and we can dream of seeing hepatitis C vaccines in the near future.

2. Hepatitis C is not curable.

A wide range of medicines are available today and they can cure hepatitis C. Hepatitis C Cure means that the virus doesn't appear in the blood for several months after the proper treatment. But the people who were infected in the past have the chance of getting hepatitis C again in their future. So it is advised to stay in touch with the doctor and follow the proper prescriptions.

3. I'm older, so I'm safe from hepatitis C

Hepatitis C doesn't see for anyone's age. Older people can also be infected by hepatitis C virus. The people born in 1945 - 1965 are more prone to hepatitis C than people of other years.

4. Alcohol causes hepatitis C

Drinking alcohol doesn't cause hepatitis C, but person infected with hepatitis C virus is restricted to drink alcohol as it can aggravate the liver inflammation and cause severe damage to the liver.

5. Casual contact with infected people spreads hepatitis C

Don't avoid casual activities with your beloved one's who are undergoing a hard time with hepatitis C. There is no danger of spreading hepatitis C by casual contact. The virus only spreads through blood contamination. It doesn't spread from sneezing or coughing, holding hands and hugging.

6. Mosquito bite can inject hepatitis C

No, this is just a myth. No research has proven the fact that hepatitis C can be spread by a mosquito bite.

7. If I get Hepatitis C, I'll know it by symptoms

Hepatitis C is a "silent killer". You will never know that you are suffering from hepatitis C until it gets exposed by a liver problem. If not taken care at the initial stage, it can lead to severe liver cirrhosis and liver damage.

8. Hepatitis C is the only one, no other types

There are six genotypes of hepatitis C with different subtypes of each genotype. Various tests are performed to detect the genotype of hepatitis C, then different treatments accordingly are prescribed by the doctors. Blood test helps to detect the genotype of hepatitis C.

9. Chronic hepatitis C is the end

Never lose hopes if you have chronic hepatitis C. your doctor opinions will help you manage chronic hepatitis C. If your Symptoms of Hepatitis C have not appeared, then the doctor may ask you to wait before any further actions. A liver scan or biopsy may also be recommended by your doctor. When the first stage of treatment is started, you would probably be given antiviral prescription drugs. These drugs can eliminate hepatitis C virus in the blood stream, which is known as sustained virologic response. Follow your doctor's advice and work on staying healthy through a proper hepatitis C diet.